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  • CNC Machining
  • Machine Guards
  • Plastic Routing
  • Plastic Engineering
  • Plastic Fabrication & Tanks
  • Plastic Suppliers
  • Nylon Parts
  • Plastic Turning
  • Plastic Milling 
  • Machined Plastic Parts

Plastic Machining / Plastic Machining Services

The Plastic machining process begins with a set of 3D files used to operate the machining centre, and will machine directly into a plastic block, which is in turn used to shape the plastic part itself. After the process the part receives surface treatment and is submitted to quality control (using tools such as callipers and micrometres) and any finishes are applied before being released to the world. 

Several techniques are used within the CNC process to obtain the makeup of the specific bespoke shapes and each plastic machining technique has its own machine. Examples of production methods include turning, milling and drilling. 

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